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Massage & Yoga

People have been experiencing the advantages of yoga and massage for thousands of years. The way in which yoga and massage therapy complement each other is a beautiful dance between passive and manual therapies.

Yoga and massage are actually more similar than we may think. Yoga is actually a type of self-massage. The twisting, bending, and folding that takes place during yoga massages the internal organs, making it an excellent way to gently promote their healthy function.  Relaxation during massages calms your mind and softens your muscles and joints.  They are each proven to detoxify and oxygenate the body, both can increase flexibility and range of motion, improve posture and increase circulation.   They also involve a certain sense of spirituality, if that is the kind of thing you believe in. They both lead to deep relaxation and release of tension and stress.  Both yoga and massage benefit the mind, body and soul and when practised together, they can do a world of good.


The wonderful thing about yoga and massage is that there are many different types of each. You can tailor your yoga training and massage technique to fit your personal needs. Depending on your schedule and desired results you might want to experience yoga and massage individually or you may want to combine them together and enjoy a massage before or after a yoga session.


The combination of massage and yoga is a good way to unwind, ease our thoughts and everyday worries therefore their collective welfares are beneficial to our overall health and well-being.



  • Qualification in Sport Massage Level 3 and 4 at Norwich School of Beauty

  • Pregnancy Massage course Gateway Workshop

  • Manual Lymphatic Massage Course Gateway Workshop

  • Insurance with Holistic Insurance Service

  • Member of CThA UK

  • 200 Hours Face to Face Teacher Training

  • Seated Acupressure Chair Massage

Thoroughly recommend! Have had several sessions now and always look forward to my next...Therapist listens to what I want and works on these areas leaving me totally relaxed throughout and feeling rejuvenated well after the session has ended. So happy to have found someone who can deliver such a great service locally!

- Kerry M -

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